Bingo bonuses explained

Bingo Online bonuses can sometimes get a bit confusing with all their big numbers, percentages and such. They also always combine different kind of bonuses and free benefits, which can make it tricky to judge which one is the right promotion for you. Here we tackle both of these issues.

First we explain the different promotion types and then offer help on what Bingo Online promotions you might want to take a closer look at.


Different bingo bonuses


Bingo Online Bonus types

Match-up bonuses

The most often offered bonus type is match-up bonus. This favourite has many names:

-> Bonus -> Match up bonus -> Deposit bonus -> New player 1st deposit bonus

All these promotions offer the same thing: when you deposit money, they’ll give you extra playing money by matching your deposit with the percentage mentioned.

Example: 200% match
You deposit £50, they give you a £100 bonus to boost your funds. You end up with £150! T & C’s will apply. Always check before making a deposit.

Unless otherwise mentioned, the bonus percentage you see only applies for the first time you deposit. Most Bingo sites however offer bonuses for other deposits too. It should also be noted that bonus offers always have an upper limit on how much they are going to match. This is never a problem for us normal players though, since the upper limits are usually high enough. Another thing to note is that there are obviously some limitations on withdrawing the bonuses (wagering requirements) – it would be a bit unfair if players could deposit money and just withdraw the bonus without even playing!


No deposit bonus

No deposit bonus, or no deposit sign up bonus, is the amount of free play money you get simply by registering to the site, without even depositing! Sometimes the no deposit bonus is not money, but free stuff like free Bingo cards, free slot spins, free scratch cards and so on. No matter which type of no deposit bonus you get (free money or free stuff), the idea is that you use the bonus to test the Bingo Online site and see if it is to your liking. Usually these and the previously mentioned bonus types are combined. This means that you first get a no deposit bonus, and if you like the site and deposit you get a match-up bonus. Winnings from no deposit bingo cash can usually be withdrawn but the wagering requirements are much higher.


Other promotions

Online Bingo sites try to get noticed in other ways too. Of these other promotions the most common is prize draws. Many, many sites offer all kinds of bingo prize draws for their players. They are usually for players playing for real money, who are automatically entered to the contest. Prizes can be – and have been – anything from televisions to Caribbean cruises.


Promotions and You

What kind of promotions should you keep your eye on? There are two different answers to this question:

If you have decided the Bingo sites you want to play at, or want to get the maximum benefit from the promotions, you should definitely go for a big bonus. If you deposit something like £50-£100 at a site offering 200% match up bonus, you get £100-£200 extra to play with! No sign up bonus can come even close to that. If you want to try a site for a bit to see if you want to play with your own money there, things are different. In this case you should take a closer look at promotions offering sign up bonus and free cards. Although clearly smaller in value than bonuses, they are a great fun way of playing online Bingo Online for free or as little risk as possible.

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